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Jul. 14th, 2017 12:08 pm
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word counts

year | published fic | unpublished fic I original | total
2004 0 0 475 475
2005 0 0 6755 6755
2006 0 1047 22832 23879
2007 2633 7615 35429 45677
2008 0 15740 5314368883
2009 44615 0 3808782702
2010 66654 1290 55232123176
2011 70480 8146 28638107264
2012 22593 17300 1049 40942
2013 88544 22926 0 111470
2014 101455 13242 0 114697
2015 184656 26655 462 211773
2016 190352 68561 83510 342423
total: 1280116

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hello! i'm renaissance on ao3 and this is my first yuletide. how exciting!! thank you very much for writing a yuletide fic for me! i've prepared a list of things i like & dislike, as well as some notes on my relationship to the canon for each fandom i've requested, and a few prompt ideas. there's a table of contents below for your ease of navigation. i hope there's something here for you! happy creating \o/

  1. general notes
  2. brideshead revisited - evelyn waugh
  3. dirk gently's holistic detective agency (TV 2016)
  4. in the flesh (TV)
  5. jonathan strange & mr norrell - susanna clarke
  6. the magicians - lev grossman
  7. whitechapel (TV)

in general...

[ favourite tropes & themes ]

✔ politics
✔ espionage
✔ sci-fi
✔ fantasy
✔ university
✔ celebrity
✔ different time periods (i.e. modern/historical depending on source material)
✔ character/relationship studies/genfic
✔ canon divergence
✔ fix-it fic
✔ crossovers
✔ getting together
✔ fake dating
[ do not want ]
✘ underage
✘ noncon/dubcon
✘ mpreg
✘ omegaverse
✘ PWP or anything focusing on sex/kink
✘ terminal illness/medical patients/hospitals
✘ deathfic
✘ prostitution
✘ strippers
✘ slavery/bondage
✘ mafia
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bridesead revisited - evelyn waugh

[ thoughts on canon ]

↬ i'm an absolute tragic for this era of history and the setting; the 30s fashion, the political climate, oxford, beautiful houses in the country and weird rich people...
↬ in terms of ships, it's pretty much just charles/sebastian
↬ but my favourite character is julia
[ prompt ideas ]

↬ any kind of AU, but particularly one which maintains the manner of charles and sebastian's meeting
↬ artist charles?!
↬ fix-it fic/canon divergence, happy ending wish fulfillment (charles marries julia? sebastian comes home? the possibilities are endless and i am interested in All Of Them)
↬ outtakes from the oxford days, rural romance, sebastian's sad ending denialfic
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dirk gently's holistic detective agency (TV 2016)

[ thoughts on canon ]

↬ note that these are season 1 only thoughts, as season 2 has not yet been released at time of writing, but i'm sure much of the same will apply and i will be keeping up with season 2 so no need to worry about spoilers
↬ i'm in love with the zany pace of this show and the mix of sci-fi and "casefic," so to speak. it's all about the genre!!
↬ favourite character is probably a tie between dirk and farah
↬ my ships are faranda and brotzly
↬ in terms of fic, i'm less invested in reading about the rest of the cast (as the show really delivers!), with the notable exceptions of estevez and zimmerfield
[ prompt ideas ]

↬ casefic! even just a slice-of-life thing, anything that plays around with dirk's investigative career is fantastic
↬ any kind of AU (for these characters, i feel like a university AU or a spy AU would work really well?)
↬ embarrassing double dates
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in the flesh (TV)

[ thoughts on canon ]

↬ i used to dislike zombie stories, and then in the flesh happened to me
↬ probably my favourite thing about it is the way it never flinches away from heavy issues, and that the real enemy is conservative small-town britain
↬ kieren is my favourite character, lots of love for amy and phillip too
↬ my ships align with canon (my preference is for kieren/simon over kieren/rick)
[ prompt ideas ]

↬ canon continuation. what do you think happens next? i want to know!
↬ i know amy wasn't a nominated character, but if you are so inclined, anything amy-centric
↬ if you want to write any sort of AU, keeping the core setting in roarton would be much appreciated
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jonathan strange and mr. norrell - susanna clarke

[ thoughts on canon ]

↬ i'm all about the magic, the connection between land and legend, the resolute academic nature of the story
↬ i don't have any strong feelings about ships that aren't canon but i know the fandom is into segundus/childermass, and i am not opposed! strange/grant is pretty good too, but never at the expense of arabella.
↬ my favourite characters are segundus, flora, and arabella
↬ my problematic fave is lascelles. catch me in the corner of the party after five drinks ranting about how much better his final scene was in the book than in the tv series
[ prompt ideas ]

↬ i requested my favourite characters but quite frankly i'll read anything. i mean it.
↬ if that's too vague, the AU of my dreams is strange and norrell as doctoral student and professor at a modern university. bonus points if it's still the study of magic, just, in the modern world.
↬ but tbh... anything featuring segundus as the hero of the story!
↬ anything focusing on the women!
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the magicians - lev grossman

[ thoughts on canon ]

↬ i have a love-hate relationship with these books, as in i love brakebills and fillory and all the plotty stuff, but i'm not particularly fond of quentin
↬ i'm 100% here for eliot and janet and their powerful friendship. janet in the magician's land saved my life but i think eliot is my overall fave
↬ julia is my other fave, i'm very sad about her at all times
↬ i'm not fussed about ships but i literally cried IRL over That queliot scene in the magician king so make of that what you will
↬ also uh there's a reason i'm requesting the books and not the tv series. i really don't like the tv series.
[ prompt ideas ]

↬ anything focusing on janet and eliot, some kind of relationship study maybe? the two of them continuing to be awesome and rule the world? i love them ok
↬ canon divergence AUs. the options are limitless. like, what if it was janet who learnt magic through the safe houses? what if julia made it to brakebills? what if it was someone else who'd become a niffin instead of alice?
↬ anything set at brakebills and really exploring the magic of the world
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whitechapel (TV)

[ thoughts on canon ]

↬ i just... really love police procedurals... also a big fan of how the stories are so tied to the setting
↬ chandler's mental illness is very important to me
↬ in terms of ships, i like chandler/kent an awful lot 
↬ i uh haven't actually seen season 4 yet but i'm hoping to rewatch it all shortly... still maybe worth steering clear of season 4 content
[ prompt ideas ]

↬ the absolute ideal is chandler/kent that happens messily and in the middle of a case. give me the angst! (but no major character death...)
↬ or a missing moment?
↬ genfic/casefic/slice-of-life focusing on chandler would also be great
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Jul. 14th, 2017 12:23 pm
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inspired by [personal profile] aroceu's sampler, here is my personal pick of favourites amongst my own fics, self-recs. i've sorted them by theme, not fandom, and i've tried to include fic from as many fandoms as i can in each category. this way, you can start with what you like, and branch out from there. so...
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bonus content for the fine folk over at  [community profile] yurionicefans, the original drunken version of "soft, low, sweet, plain"


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